Description: The largest underground nuclear test conducted by the United States, Project Cannikin was one of three underground nuclear tests performed at different places on this 43-mile long island in the Aleutian Chain. This $200 million 1971 test was performed to test an Anti-Ballistic Missile warhead, for a Spartan ABM missile. It consisted of a 5 megaton-yield thermonuclear bomb, detonated in a 50-foot diameter chamber, at the bottom of a 5,875-foot shaft. The island of Amchitka was a military outpost in WWII, and the air field and base camp from that facility were reused for the nuclear testing program.
Location: 1,400 miles W of Anchorage, on Amchitka Island

Address: AK
Aleutians West County
Visitor Info: The site is in the southern half of the island, about eight miles northwest of the Main Camp airstrip.

A Brief History of Amchitka and The Bomb


LCS: Nuclear / Radioactive, Nuclear Test Site

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